Case Study:  False Allegations in Child Custody Dispute

Problem: Client’s access to his children was severely restricted due to false allegations of abuse and misuse of the restraining order system.  Once obtained, the TRO was used to make false reports of TRO violations, resulting in  criminal charges against Client and further restrictions of Client’s access to his children.

Solution:  Client retained our law firm to help reverse the tide caused by the avalanche of false allegations.  Criminal charges were addressed first to obtain acquittal and/or dismissal, followed by preparation and filing of carefully documented motions in Family Court to dissolve the TROs and restore Client’s unrestricted access to his children.

Outcome:  The Family Court dissolved the TRO against Client, thus preventing further misuse to impede Client’s timesharing.  Client’s time with his children was increased until the parent/child relationships and visitation were normalized.

Case Study:  Parental Kidnapping 

Problem: Client waited in vain for a scheduled visitation exchange, only to learn that the other parent had secretly fled the state with the children, and hidden with them in another state.

Solution:  Client retained our law firm to obtain and execute Court orders for the children’s immediate return to their home state.

Outcome:  Emergency motions were filed, and the assistance of local police personnel was recruited, enabling Client to fly and retrieve the children, and return with them to their home state.  After Client was reunited with the children, orderly hearings were conducted with the participation of all parties, resulting in a permanent change of custody to Client, with provision for supervised visits to the parent who had wrongfully removed the children from their home state.

Case Study:  Relocation/Move-Away 

Problem: Client with custody of the parties’ children was unable to financially support her household after divorce, and sought court permission to relocate with the children to another state, where a greater family support network and job opportunity awaited them.

Solution:  Client retained our law firm to develop a workable relocation plan that would be acceptable to the Family Court, which balanced the Client’s interest of relocating and retaining custody, with the Court’s and other party’s interest in ensuring the children’s continued and meaningful contact with the other parent.

Outcome:  Law firm worked closely with Client and the Family Court to achieve modification of custody and visitation orders enabling Client to relocate out of state with the parties’ children, while allowing the remaining parent to have meaningful continued contact with the children.

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